Ready For Solar?

Electricity companies have been the place you go for electricity and energy for your home

As these energy companies gained more and more market power they have gotten greedy and continued to unjustly raise your energy bill month after month.

So if you’re considering going solar there are probably a couple of reasons:


You realize that your utility bill continues to rise and the amount of money you could save by owning your energy production would far outweigh the costs.

You are interested at just the right time. It used to be that solar panels weren’t as efficient only allowing for a small amount of energy to come from the sun to your home. Nowadays with the use of panels and energy storage batteries a day of sunlight can really last you.


You realize that the world is changing and you are ready to make a difference by switching to renewable energy and begin offsetting your carbon footprint.

A typical 5kw solar power system can last 30 years, so once you install there are literally decades of environmental benefits. It’s the equivalent of planting 3,030 trees, taking 22 cars off the road or 1.6 tanker trucks of gasoline not burned*. Do the math, it just makes sense!

Whether you choose "Reason 1" or "Reason 2" you're on the right track and Hodne Solar can help make both reasons a reality.
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